Shift:7:30 AM-4:00 PM
This position is part of a direct service team.  Each team member performs specialized, as well as general functions, specific to the overall care of consumers at the residential site.  Also, each team member, regardless of background, cares equally for the needs of consumers in the areas of meal preparation, dining activities, bathing, bathroom functions, outings, facility upkeep, and cleanliness, including infection control.  Each team member is responsible for implementation of all general policies and procedures necessary for the general care and record maintenance for all aspects of licensure compliance.

Specific to this position is the responsibility for immediate implementation of all physician orders and maintenance of medical records, the general health care of the consumers, and ongoing medical assessment of all consumers at the site.  The LPN in this position also implements medical care and procedures consistent with best practices while under the supervision of the Director of Nursing and/or a Registered Nurse assigned by the agency to oversee the medical care of consumers at the site.
Providing medical care at these specialized sites includes, but is not limited to, the preparation and distribution of medication, implementation of specialized treatments, and maintenance of all medical equipment.  This position requires that continued attention be directed toward maintaining optimal standards of care specific to each consumer's primary medical needs and that documentation be maintained to that effect.  When necessary, this person knows, and is able to render, emergency care for each consumer.
Along with direct medical care, this position is responsible for maintaining medical files, participating in intake evaluations and discharge planning, participating in IPP meetings, implementing and overseeing all aspects of infection control techniques, and completing all documentation as required by agency policy and licensing regulations.
**This position is 32 hours a month. You work every other weekend 7:30am - 4:00pm***
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications